Student Membership – New


Annual Membership Dues (excl. additional fees)
– €35 Regular/Associate Membership
– €15 admin fee applies to new Memberships.
– Plus merchant process fee (see detail below)
* Don’t forget to add your full name on the payment comments, so that we can match your payment with your membership name.


Everyone is Welcome
We are happy that you would like to join us!
Please contact the AWC Club House or Membership coordinator, if you have questions relating to membership dues.

Annual Student Membership Dues (excl. additional fees)
A €15 admin fee applies to new Memberships.

– €35 Student (Student ID required)

Payment Options and additional fees
We accept 3 payment types. Your total price will include additional merchant fees (see below). If you have a Dutch bank account, then using bank transfer is recommended. Otherwise, you may also pay with your bank card at the AWC Clubhouse without additional merchant fees.

  • Bank transfer – no additional fees
  • PayPal – Additional fees 3.4% + .35 cents
  • Credit cards – 2.9% + .25 cents non Euro cards