A Home Away From Home With Lasting Traditions

AWC The Hague Today

We are a diverse group of women of all ages and nationalities, building new friendships, diving into the Dutch experience, and engaging in cultural and philanthropic activities in and around The Hague. Our American founders would be proud to see how our group has enriched its history by remaining an active, positive, and supportive global organization.

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Our History

AWC The Hague was formed in 1930 by a group of American women who had been meeting socially when they decided to organize in a more formal way. Luncheon invitations were sent to American women living in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and surrounding areas, and as a result, the AWC of The Hague was started with 55 charter members.

They held monthly meetings, teas and programs, including an annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Hotel Des Indes. At the first of these dinners, Judge and Mrs. Frank Billings Kellogg were notified that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact of 1928, which condemned war and promoted peaceful settlement of international differences.  

Over the years since its founding, AWC The Hague has engaged in numerous philanthropic and community service projects which are important to its members.

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Our FAWCO Connection

In 1931, AWC The Hague was one of the founding member clubs of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), part of whose mission statement is “to contribute actively to the global community with a specific focus on education, the natural and human environment, multicultural understanding and international goodwill.”

As a member of the AWC, you are automatically a member of FAWCO and can benefit from their expertise, get directly involved in their numerous programs and charities, apply for various scholarships for yourself or family members, and attend their regional and international conferences. Our collective FAWCO voices reach both Washington D.C. and the United Nations.

To learn more, please visit: www.fawco.org.

Our Club has a FAWCO representative who is available via email to answer any questions.

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