The AWC has been actively involved in philanthropic activities, both locally and globally, since as early as 1932, when HRH Queen Wilhelmina officially opened the first AWC Holiday Bazaar that was held for the benefit of a local hospital.

Since then, and throughout the years, funds have been raised for various charitable organizations. These include the Sophia Institute in Scheveningen for children with tuberculosis, the Juliana Children’s Hospital, Bronovo Hospital, MCH Antoniushove, as well as Perspektief, a nonprofit that helps women and families in need, Not For Sale, an organization fighting to end modern slavery, and Bridge2Hope Foundation, providing services to undocumented victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands.

Globally, through fundraising events and benefits over the years, the AWC has also supported Stahili in Kenya–a human rights organization for children, SPOSA in the Philippines–helping save girls from sex trafficking, and S.A.F.E. in Tanzania–protecting women and girls from female genital mutilation.

AWC The Hague has additionally raised more than €1 million to benefit breast cancer research, education and advocacy, and was instrumental in the formation of the Pink Ribbon Foundation in the Netherlands.


Meals for the Homeless

Since 2021 we have worked with Meals for the Homeless and Straatpastoraat to provide bi-weekly soups in winter and salads in summer to 120-150 homeless people in The Hague.

Heart Pillow Project

The AWC makes heart-shaped pillows for women recovering from breast cancer surgery in four area hospitals. A set of hand-sewn pillows is packaged with a bow and a bilingual message signed by volunteers. We are proud to continue to provide this comforting and practical gift from our Members.

Heart pillows

Sinterklaas Gift Giving

Our members generously donate at Sinterklaas to the Straatpastoraat for a gift for the homeless and to Vliet en Burgh for the children and women in need residing with them.

Sinterklaas ToyS & ToiletrIES Drive

Our Members generously donate toys and toiletries every holiday season. We collect toys for disadvantaged children, and items for women who may be having a difficult time.  The gifts we wrap and the bags we assemble are delivered to a select shelter in The Hague.

Easter Basket Drive

Since 2011, AWC has hosted an annual Easter Basket drive.  Our Members donate toys and candy, fill Easter baskets, and donate them to local non-profit groups and organisations.



Our rich history of generosity would not be possible without the support of our Members, all of whom are volunteers.  If you are interested in learning more about our philanthropic efforts, please email us. [ philanthropy@awcthehague.org ]  Likewise, if there is a particular cause or organization close to your heart that you would like the AWC to support in some capacity, please let us know.