The AWC Website Member area called WildApricot. What has changed?

  • The website member management system is called Wild Apricot and works differently than what we had before.
  • Members have a My Member Profile page with more options including the ability to view your specific events and payments and add a profile photo or avatar.
  • Members may add themselves to different Group mailing lists such as Walkie Talkies, Book Club, WWDP, etc.
  • The new membership application form and process will now be handled via Wild Apricot.
  • All membership payments, membership renewals, event payments, invoices, etc. will be handled directly on your My Member Profile page.
  • Event managers can manage their own calendar events and send out communications to event participants. Plus, view and manage attendee lists.
  • Group managers can send out communications to their group members such as Walkie Talkies, Lunch Bunch, Heart Pillow, etc.
  • Event and group managers will be able to better manage their activities and email communications to attendees and group members.
  • The Finance team can manage all payment processing more efficiently and accurately
  • The Membership team can manage membership processing and information much, much faster & easier. 🙂
  • In some browsers your cookies need to be turned on in order for the Member area pages to work. Please see this article for more information about browser compatibility and cookies.

Download the Wild Apricot for Members App on your device.

Android app: Requires Android version 5.1 or later.
Apple app:
Alternatively, you can visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and search for “Wild Apricot for Members”.

Need help? Have questions using the Member app?
Visit this page

New passwords:
– Your ID is your email. (No longer a shortened name)
– New Passwords were sent via email to each member in early December 2019. A doc file with instructions on how to change your password after you receive the email can be downloaded from here: Instructions for resetting your AWC member password
If you didn’t find an email in your inbox, please first check your Spam box. And if you still haven’t received the email then contact Julie O in IT and she will help you reset password manually.

Logging in for first time
You may be asked to agree and accept Wild Apricot’s Terms of Use. Please check the box and agree.
You also need to accept Cookies on our Website. If you are an Apple user, you might experience problems with accessing the Member area on our website because of strict cookies settings in Safari. We advise to either use the app or directly login to the AWC page on Wild Apricot.

My Member Profile
– View and edit your profile
– Change your password
– Control your privacy
– Add your picture (Please do. It will make our member directory even better)
– Edit your email subscriptions
– Create and view photo albums
– View and edit your event registrations
– Pay and view invoices
– Log out and more !

You will want to login to the AWC website to be able to view ALL upcoming events and activities on the Calendar.
– Not logged in: You will only see a partial list of activities and events that are open to the public.
– Logged in: You will see a list of all upcoming activities and events. You can switch between Calendar view and List view too.

Click on an event in the calendar or list to view the event page
On the Event page you can:
– “Add to my calendar” (Upper right corner)
– Register or RSVP for events with that option
– View # of registrants and their name, if they opted to allow that info to be added
* Payment systems have been set up but might need more testing. Please let me know if you run into a problem with payment.

Member Directory
– You can search for a member
– View a list of AWC members.
– Click on the member name to view their information.
– Send a member a message to their email.

If you have a question, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.
Julie O – AWC IT / Web admin